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generous individuals, organizations, churches, civic groups and foundations.

Address: 5707 Red Arrow Hwy, Box 130 Stevensville, MI 49127 
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To Thrift, Resale or Upcycle?
     ​In 2020, we started collecting items to host a garage sale fundraiser, then COVID hit. We waited patiently as our June date arrived and restrictions lifted just enough to allow the garage sale to open. The first day was a great success, but the second and third days were rained out. We quickly moved everything inside to our unfinished storage area and tried to make it look presentable. People came and looking through our space to find hidden treasures. We started to wonder if starting a resale shop would be a good next step. God shined a light on this opportunity for our ministry and Leslie Kroeze, staff and volunteers hit the ground running to research what it would take to run a high-end, upscale resale shop.
     We spent a day in Holland going to several resale/thrift stores and learned that many shops were funding sources for non-profits in Holland. We gained so much insight! We were able to take a look behind the scenes of a few places, take notes on what to-do and what not to-do. We started to pray God’s will over the space asking for direction at each turn. We received affirmation after affirmation, which allowed to keep moving forward with our research and planning.  
    Then meetings got canceled and phone calls were unreturned, and COVID continued to complicate everything. We were nearing our board meeting with some BIG unanswered questions. Just weeks before our November board meeting, things seem to fall into place. Leslie wrote an amazing business plan while Ellen Dutton provided feedback and perspective along with our staff. God connected all the dots for us to make a solid pitch to our board of directors and they agreed unanimously. 
​We are thrilled to announce, coming spring 2021 we plan to open a beautiful high-end thrift/resale store at our current location 5707 Red 

Arrow Hwy in Stevensville. Starting out, our goal is to collect limited items and work collaboratively with other resale shops to create a network of helping individuals and families attain needed items for a great price. We plan to create a space that allows our patrons to shop with integrity knowing that their dollars are directly impacting lives throughout southwest Michigan. 
We need some help from you! What should we call the store? Some people like using the term resale shop, while others prefer thrift store and some think Boutique is this way to go. Whatever your preference, we need a great name! It needs to support our mission, communicate integrity and our vision for an upscale resale store. Please email your suggestions to mary@wellofgraceministries.com.  
We will NOT start collecting items until spring. We do not have enough space to store items during renovation, so please hang onto them, if you can. As we work to create an amazing space, we appreciate your prayers and support in this endeavor. To stay up-to-date on how this is going, please check out or website, Instagram and Facebook pages.