Well of GRACE Ministries is a 501( c ) 3 non-profit organization. Our funding comes entirely from 
generous individuals, organizations, churches, civic groups and foundations.

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What is
A structured group for women where key issues are addressed in an environment where they can learn and share in a small group 
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What to Expect
Each meeting will involve participation in a variety of therapeutic activities and discussions on topics important to women. Topics include anger, boundaries, stress management, shame and guilt and much more.  Materials are hand selected by therapists to meet the unique needs of each group.
Can I Get Involved?
YES!  Oasis is free of charge Oasis is free of charge. Made possible through the generous Made possible through the generous contributions of donors to Well of GRACE Ministries. Contact us at 269.428.9355 to participate.

Meetings are scheduled at community rooms, churches, and the Well of GRACE Center throughout the year.  Check out group dates and times below.
Monthly Topical Meetings: 
January 12th: 9a.m. – 12p.m. Life Transitions Oasis. Some transitions (or change) occur suddenly, unexpectedly, while others happen gradually over time. Even with a change that is exciting or needed, change can still be uncomfortable or stressful. Let’s explore some positive aspects of Life Transitions.

February 9th: 9a.m. – 12p.m. Experience Happiness Oasis. Happiness is more than a fleeting feeling. Researchers suggest sustainable happiness is achievable; there are set skills you can learn and practice to help you along the path to happiness.

March 9th: 9a.m. – 12p.m. Character Strengths. Learning our character strengths isn’t just interesting information, when applied character strengths can have a lasting positive impact on our life. Come learn your strengths and live in your purpose. 

April 6th: 9a.m. – 12p.m. Resolving Boundary Conflicts. Optimize your Relationships (with self and others). This group will help you identify options for resolving interpersonal boundary problems.

May 4th: 9a.m. – 12p.m. Resiliency in the Storms of Life. The way we respond to life’s difficulties can make all the difference. Our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in difficult times may be a red flag for unhealthy coping. Let’s learn a healthy attitude of response.