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Grateful Gals gathering
 By Well of GRACE Ministries
On Tuesday, May 16th, 2017 Well of GRACE Ministries hosted their second annual Grateful Gals gathering. Our keynote speaker and gal pal, Kristen Hunsberger presented the audience with a wonderful message of hope, encouragement and "being the church" to others. She talked about times in her life when friends would "show up" for her through offering gifts like delicious bread or meeting her to walk and talk. Kristen's humble approach allows women of all ages to connect and feel validated. Another important part of the evening is our friend and singer-songwriter, Laura Whidden. Laura is generous with sharing her gift of music with Well of GRACE. One audience member wept at the beautiful song she offered during Grateful Gals II. Thank you, to all who attended. Please mark your calendars for next May. Stay tuned for more details!

2016-Grateful Gals presenter.
 Robyn Dykstra 

Women will be deeply touched and inspired by Robyn’s incredible journey. Packed with energy and humor, her stories will encourage women to search their own hearts to find the peace and joy God intends us to have.
– Crystal Bowman, Best selling author and National conference speaker
To Learn more about our musical guest, 
visit Laura Whidden's website at:

Laura's music is powerful and deeply moving, she shares her gift of music and song writing freely.  Laura's soulful sounds get audiences out of their seats and singing along.  She is a wonderful addition to this special day of gratitude and we could not be more grateful to have Laura Whidden joining us!
​This FREE community event is sponsored by Well of GRACE Ministries
To Learn more about our guest speaker, 
visit Kristen Hunsberger's website at:

As you will find, Kristen is passionate about helping individuals on their journey to healing. A quote from her website says, "Healing means life...intentional living into the best version of you that you were always meant to be, and with that, joy. She encourages, "If you are ready to start this journey towards wholeness...
You are already brave."