Well of GRACE Ministries is a 501( c ) 3 non-profit organization. Our funding comes entirely from 
generous individuals, organizations, churches, civic groups and foundations.

Address: 5707 Red Arrow Hwy, Box 130 Stevensville, MI 49127 
Phone: 269-428-WELL (9355)    Fax: 269-281-7414
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Our Mission:  Well of GRACE Ministries is a non-profit Christ-centered organization that transforms physically, emotionally, and spiritually wounded young women.
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Community Events
Still Beautiful Campaign
We are working to create a movement called, “Still Beautiful.” We often work with individuals that feel broken and rejected. Our mission is to help those who have been physically, emotionally and/or spiritually wounded. Through our “Still Beautiful” campaign we would like to use imagery to create HOPE and HEALING. And help us find images that are “Still Beautiful” to create a movement that sweeps our county and beyond!  

Here are the rules:
  • No faces or portraits
  • The images must be appropriate for all audiences (no nudity)
  • Images much capture the idea of “Still Beautiful”  
  • Submit photos to Instagram handle: Well of GRACE Ministries or Facebook event site “Still Beautiful” or by email to mary@wellofgraceministries.com 
  • Once submitted, you thereby agree to allow Well of GRACE to use your image in marketing and other  publications.
Join the "Still Beautiful" movement today!  
Dear School Administrators, Guidance Staff, Students & Families,
Well of GRACE would like to provide you with ongoing support throughout this time of social distancing to assure that our community remains connected and healthy. Find daily tips on wellness on our Facebook & Instagram pages too!  

           Contacts for additional support:

Leslie Kroeze, MSW
Bridgman School District
River Valley School District
Ali Talbott, MA, LLPC
Buchanan School District
New Buffalo School District
St. Joseph School District
Brandywine School District
Riverside/Hagar #6
Mary Andres, MA, LPC
Bangor School District
Watervliet School District
Coloma School District
Countryside Academy
Any District that is NOT listed, please contact Mary Andres